According to DECU theory Aquaman is a Secret Villain !

According to DECU theory Aquaman is a Secret Villain !

One especially persuasive hypothesis claims that Aquaman is truly a villain inside the DCEU, and it does so by looking at the story line from a new angle. Jason Momoa’s Aquaman first appeared in the DCEU as an appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and went on to be one of the founding members of the Justice League. His first solo adventure takes place just after events in Justice League, and that it’s there – the character is given his due.

Despite mixed critical reviews, Aquaman was a box office triumph, demonstrating that character can hold its own against Superman and Batman when it comes to directing his own films. Multiple underwater combat scenes, numerous A-list stars, as well as a satisfying origin tale for the main character were all featured in Aquaman.

Arthur returns to Atlantis to prevent his half-brother, Orm, from being Ocean Master and launching war on the surface. Arthur was raised as a human and has spent much of his life suppressing his Atlantean origins. Aquaman accomplishes his goal by ascending to the throne of Atlantis and serves as a link between both the surface world as well as the underwater realms.

Aquaman, according to one hypothesis (via Reddit), isn’t a hero after all, but rather a ruthless despot. While the concept of Aquaman being a tyrant isn’t totally new, there are specific moments in the film that illustrate his real character.

He not only establishes his power by intimidation, but he also demonstrates a wilful ignorance of Atlantean history. Furthermore, his treatment over his own half-brother and the casual slaughter of his soon-to-be-subjects point to an evil tendency in the DCEU character, raising the possibility that he isn’t the hero he appears to be.

Orm’s and Aquaman’s having the same motivations

According to DECU theory Aquaman is a Secret Villain !
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The film’s subtext contains one of the most important bits of evidence reinforcing the idea. Even when seeking to dethrone Atlantis’ queen, Arthur Curry behaves without respect to Atlantis’ traditions and customs. Rather of attempting to comprehend the problem, he just resists Orm, oblivious to how assuming control of Atlantis through Aquaman may destabilise the civilization. Simply put, Arthur acts based on emotion without regard for the consequences.

This puts him in the same boat as Orm, who, out of dread and distrust of both the surface world, declares war on mankind. Neither guy has given much attention to how his acts may effect others, preferring to focus on defending his individual kingdoms.

Arthur Curry’s intentions are nearly comparable to Aquaman’s villain in this aspect. While this alone was not enough to prove the theory’s veracity, it does show that Aquaman’s standing as a super villain in Aquaman seems purely subjective.

Aquaman become the King only due to Fear :

According to DECU theory Aquaman is a Secret Villain !
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Aquaman steals King Atlan’s armour and retrieves his trident in the third act of the film. He then orders the Karathen to assist him, and he goes to face Orm and his gathered armies. Orm’s soldiers, on the other hand, combine the strength of three independent kingdoms at the this point in the movie, and they’re about to engage a fourth in combat.

Before meeting Orm directly, Arthur as well as the Karathen (which is under his control) wreak havoc on the battlefield, murdering troops on both sides of the combat. Arthur is crowned King of Atlantis upon defeating his half-brother during battle.

When Arthur is examined through a more impartial perspective, though, those occurrences don’t read quite as well. Aquaman’s DCEU tale is one in which he is defined by the terror he instils in his own people, which is exacerbated by his own actions in Aquaman.

An outsider enters with a shaky right to the throne, barely avoided a failed effort to dethrone the existing king, and then reappears with a giant mythological creature and the garb of an old monarch, according to the ordinary Atlantean. Furthermore, he does all of this to protect his personal people–the same people who have been destroying both the water and the planet–rather than out of any true affection for Atlantis.

Arthur’s Villainous Tendencies are Subtly Reinforced by Atlanna

According to DECU theory Aquaman is a Secret Villain !

Arthur’s mother, Queen Atlanna, is one individual who may be blamed for his wicked tendencies. She not only sets the roots of his dubious morality about all things Atlantis by her own acts, but she also reinforces it once the two reconnect.

Atlanna’s defiance of custom is what brought Arthur into being the first place. Inadvertently creating a superpowered figure with a profound distrust about his own ancestral nation by not instilling any regard for Atlantis into her son and then vanishing from his life totally.

Atlanna, on the other hand, cements Arthur’s nasty turn later in the film. Didn’t really know anything at all about the man he’s become, she assures him he’s meant to be king when they meet again. She enables herself being used to pacify the ousted monarch when he beats Orm, allowing Arthur further to exploit his half-brother.

This gives Aquaman’s conclusion a grim but quiet twist, as Arthur manipulates his brother’s feelings for his mother in order to control the only man capable of challenging him again for throne of Atlantis.

Some more reasons to consider Aquaman as Villain :

The theory’s intriguing perspective on Aquaman is based partly on his characterization in earlier DCEU films, but it’s largely centered on his tale in his first standalone picture. He has a minor position in the Justice League , and he has demonstrated that he does not take his duty as among the Earth’s most strong metahumans seriously.

This is a problematic feature in and of itself, because he isn’t shown to accept full responsibility for his abilities, and Aquaman depicts this developing to the extent where he may be labelled a villain. Even from the start of the film, when Arthur declines to just save Black Manta as well as his father, he makes a mistake that will cost him his life.

Conclusion :

Aquaman, unlike other DCEU characters, seems unconcerned with his abilities. Even for the Flash, the Justice League’s resident comic relief hero, thinks how to combine his heroism with his everyday life, while Momoa’s Aquaman is a largely carefree guy who lives without the burden of his inherent ability. Something which doesn’t seem to alter even when you’re sitting on the throne.

Unlocking his true capacity, on the other hand, appears to drive Aquaman to operate even more villainously.

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