Black Adam Is Totally Different From Dwayne’s Character

Jaume Collet-Serra spoke about how Black Adam Is Totally Different From Dwayne’s Character.Director of Black Adam Jaume Collet-Serra discusses how Dwayne Johnson’s portrayal of the DC superhero will be drastically different from his prior portrayals.

Black Adam, a DC film featuring Dwayne Johnson as that of the title character, has been in development for a while. Before a Black Adam movie was ever in the works, Johnson was cast in the part.

As his first live-action adaption, Johnson will now bring the DC player to life this autumn. Black Adam is recasting Johnson’s role as an anti-hero, who will get his origin story detailed in the eagerly awaited movie, as opposed to the classic villain he was in the comics.

Black Adam Is Totally Different From Dwayne's Character
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Black Adam will be a pivotal chapter for the DCEU moving forward, featuring the almost inevitable confrontation with Zachary Levi’s Shazam, and will provide Johnson one of his largest paychecks ever.

Although Johnson’s Black Adam now getting close to release, the actor made a big impression at San Diego Comic-Con by showing up in the superhero outfit of the role. Filmmaker Jaume Collet-Serra spoke with Collider after the Wanrer Bros.

Hall H event and spoke on how Black Adam is the “primary source of tension” in the narrative. Johnson often plays the lead character in his movies, but Collet- Serra notes that the forthcoming DC picture will push the star in a different way.

Unlike the bulk of superheroes inside the DC world (and beyond), Black Adam is prepared to sacrifice people in order to defeat evil. The Justice Society of America undoubtedly plays a role in Black Adam in this way, since they pursue Johnson’s anti-hero for having murderous inclinations.

Doctor Fate, Hawkman, Cyclone, & Atom-Smasher will make up the Justice Society in the DC Extended Universe, and this will be their debut appearance in a motion picture. These are all heroes, but their differing views will cause them to conflict, with Black Adam being viewed as the “villain” in the eyes.

Johnson has done a lot of heroic roles in the past 15+ years, so it will be interesting to watch how he approaches this hostile part in Black Adam. Except for Zack Snyder’s effort to darken Superman, there haven’t been many ethically dubious heroes in the DCEU since it began.

Although the Suicide Squad exists in the DC Extended Universe, most of the members of the team are criminals who work for the government. Black Adam may open the door for future DC films to further explore the kind of hero Johnson’s character is since Johnson’s role adds a new dimension that plays with the concept of heroism.

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