Black Widow again gets Insulted by MCU

A part of the trending series, “Ms. Marvel” insulted Black Widow, AKA “Scarlett Johansson,” on her death in Avengers Endgame. Let us have a look in detail.


Ms. Marvel Episode 2 Spoiler alert
Black Widow again gets Insulted by MCU

In Ms. Marvel episode 2, Marvel dissed Black Widow and her sacrifices once more. Iman Vellani made her Disney+ debut as Kamala Khan, and while the show is primarily focused on narrating her origin narrative, it is also replete with references to the larger world to which it belongs. Ms. Marvel episode 2 has a more subtle but dismissive allusion towards Natasha Romanoff, a.k.a. Black Widow, following the inclusion of Avenger Con in episode 1.

Kamala, a 16-year-old Jersey native, gains superpowers after receiving a mystery bangle from her equally enigmatic grandmother. By emphasising the character’s coming-of-age tale, Marvel Studios has done an excellent job of distinguishing Ms. Marvel from other Disney+ programmes.

Aside from that, she’s one of a kind since she’s a huge admirer of the Avengers, especially Captain Marvel .  While the programme is supposed to be a celebration of all matters Avengers as a representation of Kamala’s passion to them, Ms. Marvel used a purposeful parallel to insult some of those characters.

Black Widow again gets Insulted by MCU
Marvel/Disney Plus

Ms. Marvel episode 2 shows Kamala explore her extraordinary skills with the support of her best friend, Bruno, after finding her extra powers during AvengerCon . They hike to a rooftop to test “hardlight,” but she falls due to her lack of understanding of how it works, and Bruno saves her.

“You have to let me go,” Kamala says as she hangs from the building ledge, echoing Black Widow’s parting moments to Hawkeye at Vormir in Avengers: Endgame and her final words there in MCU’s timeline, period. The contrast would be that Kamala is only five feet off the ground and so landed safely, but Natasha dies when she falls.

This scene in Ms. Marvel is meant to be funny, but given its resemblance to a still Black Widow death in Avengers: Endgame, it could be read as a jab at one of the MCU’s most heartbreaking moments.

Marvel/Disney Plus

In Ms. Marvel episode 2, the framing of the camera as well as the overdramatization of both the scene were an obvious allusion to Natasha’s death during Endgame, and might be interpreted as mocking her sacrifice. However, it might also be seen as a sign for Kamala’s lack of understanding of what it’s like to become a superhero.

She now believes that becoming an Avenger entails donning a fantastic outfit, possessing incredible superpowers, and effortlessly saving people. To Ms. Marvel, the loss and grave risk of becoming a superhero, as well as the sacrifices made by Black Widow, aren’t yet real.

Kamala is a huge fan of the Avengers, and due to Ant-Man’s Marvel podcast, she and the rest of the MCU know what happened in the last Avengers: Endgame fight. That is, however, the limit of her knowledge. After that, Ant-Man learned of what had transpired, but he wasn’t in Vormir with Black Widow & Hawkeye when she decided to sacrifice her for Soul Stone. Kamala treats these tales as simply that: tales.

Conclusion :

Given how she’s still on the screen of Department of Damage Control operatives, Kamala Khan is likely to learn about the less pleasant aspects of being a superhero soon. With Kamala’s infatuation with the Avengers, Ms. Marvel will likely include additional MCU allusions that match the disparities between her and more experienced superheroes. Other tribute to Earth’s World’s strongest Heroes, Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as other heroes in the franchise have previously been paid. Hopefully, Marvel Studios focuses on those and avoids offensive references, such as the one to Black Widow’s death.

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