Chris Hemsworth may appear in Deadpool 3 as Thor

According to the writers of Deadpool 3 Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, Chris Hemsworth may appear as Thor in Marvel’s Deedpool 3 which was leaded by Ryan Reynolds.

Chris Hemsworth may appear in Deadpool 3 as Thor

Both of the Writers Paul Wernickand Rhett Reese have talked about the chance that Chris Hemsworth ( Thor) may appear in the upcoming movie of Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool 3 .Wade Wilson is all set to make his 3rd film in Marvel Cinematic Universe through Deadpool 3.

Release Date is not yet published by the team but the film is in the development mode for a good time.

The X-Men, Fantastic Four, as well as all their tie-in characters will appear there in MCU and interact with some of its heroes thanks to Disney’s historic takeover of Fox’s film and television properties.

The Fantastic Four are already being reinvented, and the X-Men are certain to follow suit in certain manner. Deadpool and his series, on the other hand, will be integrated into Kevin Feige’s world.

Deadpool 3 would be Marvel Studios’ first R-rated picture. Reese and Wernick of Zombieland fame, as well as the first two Deadpool chapters, take over from former writers Wendy Molyneaux & Lizzie Molyneaux-Loeglin of Bob’s Burgers.

While Reese as well as Wernick are unable to discuss plot details for Deadpool 3, there is speculation that Thor, who worked with Hemsworth on Netflix’s Spiderhead, may feature in Deadpool 3. The pair remains tight-lipped about the situation in a recent interview by Den of Geek, but they’re intrigued by it.

Wernick and Rheese, understandably, are unable to discuss specifics about Deadpool 3. However, given that the picture has been in production for some time, chances are they have a very clear sense of its overall plot trajectory. While the threequel being produced by Marvel Studios, it is unclear if it will be included in main MCU timeline.

Given the vast multiverse, the film’s events may take happen on a completely other Earth, with Wilson having an option of travelling to Earth-616 or even the Sacred Timeline. Unless it was a meta-reference both for actor but also its God of Thunder persona, that’s the only way Hemsworth’s primary Thor incarnation may appear in the film.

It would be amazing to see Thor interact alongside Deadpool in Deadpool 3. This is especially true considering the God of Thunder’s new comedic demeanour following Thor: Ragnarok. Aside from just that, it’s among the most effective methods to emphasise the fact that now the Merc with the a Mouth is now a part of the MCU.

Thor has long been identified with the series as one of the Avengers, but without Iron Man & Captain America, he seems to be the only surviving child of universe’s classic big three. Given this, it stands to reason that he may be the one to usher Deadpool into in the MCU.

It would be a great thing if Thor appears in MCU’S Deadpool 3.

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