Comparison between Avengers and Wonder Women destroyed a major myth!

There’s a common misperception claiming Wonder Woman is just somewhat stronger than other DC characters. But the Avengers of Marvel are well aware of her true strength.

Having held her own against the Avengers on several occasions, Wonder Woman may well be the DC Universe’s most reviled hero. That isn’t to say she doesn’t get its fair share of admiration from both in-universe characters and those outside of it. However, she appears to be disregarded in favour of other citizens such as Batman and Superman, particularly when it comes to discussions regarding who the strongest superheroes in DC are. Despite her achievements, Wonder Woman is still neglected and underappreciated.

Wonder Woman is frequently compared with her other DC Trio member Superman, whose been portrayed as one of comics’ most powerful characters. Fans incorrectly assume Wonder Woman is not as powerful as Superman, despite the fact that she has won much more their battles.

Perhaps since she hasn’t been seen lifting planets such as the Man of Steel, her superpowers are underappreciated, and she isn’t recognised as one of the strongest inside the DC Universe. Her interactions with the Avengers of Marvel imply otherwise.

Comparison between Avengers and Wonder Women destroyed a major myth !

In JLA/Avengers #2 by Kurt Busiek & George Perez, Wonder Woman easily defeats Hercules, shrugging off his most powerful punches and humiliating him. Furthermore, in the next issue, Wonder Woman equals (if not outmatches) Wonder Man inside an arm-wrestling bout, which Beast observes she won every year. Those two instances of Wonder Woman effectively manhandling two of Marvel’s strongest strongmen demonstrate Wonder Woman’s real power.

Both Wonder Man & Hercules are examples of the most powerful heroes that the Avengers or even the Marvel Universe can provide. However, Wonder Woman has proven to be stronger than the both of them. It’s also worth noting for Hercules that she fights him off in a passion after mistaking him again for DC version of Hercules, whom she’s already vanquished. Taking up Marvel’s Hercules at her most angered shows that Wonder Woman utilises all of her strength against such a formidable foe.

Wonder Woman receives a new degree of respect form heroes like Beast after successfully confronting two of Marvel’s most powerful Avengers. She is entitled to the same sort of respect out from typical fan who undervalues her abilities.

Conclusion :-

Her feats of power against the Avengers prove that Wonder Woman is considerably more than merely passively powerful, but one of the toughest inside the DC Universe, on par with, if not stronger than, Superman.

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