Disney announced What If Season 2

Along with Disney+ series What If…?, Marvel Studios entered the fully animated entertainment market for the first time in 2021. The first season’s nine episodes examined what may transpire if certain events or concepts from MCU’s Infinity Saga were altered. What If…? did, in fact, examine the expansive Multiverse of Marvel Cinematic Universe in slightly frantic, stylized animation.

The first season of the show was mainly viewed as a lighthearted novelty, but it didn’t receive the best reviews. However, a new season of What If…? is forthcoming, despite the fact that Marvel & Disney+ haven’t made any significant, official comments regarding the release date.

What If…? is a Disney+ subscription newsletter that was distributed to customers with in Netherlands (via Murphy’s Multiverse). On July 20, Season 2 will begin. Given that it’s not too far away so neither Marvel nor Disney have made any promotional materials for the programme, such as a trailer, this looks a little questionable.

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