Does Shang-Chi introduced MCU’S Illuminati?

According to Marvel, Shang-Chi has introduced illuminati in MCU. The Illuminati made an appearance in Doctor Strange 2, but according to one fan theory, Shang-mid-credits chi’s sequence established Earth-616’s version of both the organisation.

Does Shang-Chi introduced MCU'S Illuminati?


The Illuminati were featured in Doctor Strange’s Multiverse of Madness as part of Earth-838, but according to one fan hypothesis, Earth-616’s version of the squad was first established in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Following months of anticipation, Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange 2 provided significant Marvel appearances as parts of the Illuminati lineup.

However, the Illuminati’s brief debut in the MCU did not match the group’s prominence in the Marvel comics, which may be remedied by a non-multiversal Illuminati squad.

The talk around Doctor Strange 2 was dominated by rumours regarding Illuminati cameos, with characters like Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Tom Cruise as Iron Man being mentioned.

While not every expected Doctor Strange cameo in the Multiverse of Madness came to be, the film witnessed the MCU’s first appearance of an X-Men, Professor X, as well as the return of an old fan favourite, John Krasinski as Mister Fantastic. Mordo, Captain Marvel, Captain Carter, & Black Bolt were all part of Doctor Strange’s Illuminati squad, but none of them were able to stop Scarlet Witch.

With all of Earth-838’s Illuminati dead and the multiverse still vulnerable to dangers other than just the Scarlet Witch, it’s feasible that Doctor Strange of Earth-616 may use the events of both the film as motivation to construct the MCU’s true version of something like the Illuminati.

However, according to one fan hypothesis (via Reddit), the notion of an Earth-616 Illuminati squad was established there in Shang-Chi mid-credits sequence.

Wong, Captain Marvel, plus Bruce Banner appeared at a meeting to explore the origins of the 10 rings on that day. While the picture may just be the Avengers aiding someone in need, it could also represent the seed of an Illuminati team: some of the world’s most powerful people.

The Post-Credits Scene in Shang-Chi Could Be A Proto-Earth-616 Illuminati Scene

Does Shang-Chi introduced MCU'S Illuminati?
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One of the goals behind the Illuminati’s founding in the comics was to get a representation from each corner of the Marvel world as a member of the council. Namor, for example, was the representative of Atlantis, whereas Black Bolt was the representative of the Inhumans.

On some levels, the Illuminati in Doctor Strange 2 mimicked that notion, with Reed Richards symbolizing the Fantastic Four & Professor X portraying the X-Men, for example. Furthermore, each individual of the Illuminated has a unique set of skills, and each of them might be regarded the finest in their respective fields.

The heroes depicted there in Shang-Chi mid-credits scene follow the same rationale. Wong is the Sorcerer Supreme as well as brings the perspective of the magical side of the universe, & Bruce Banner is the mind behind many of the most substantial creations inside the MCU, including such Ultron, Vision, and the facilities for the Avengers: Endgame time heist.

Captain Marvel is the Avenger’s representative of room as well as the most strong cosmic hero inside the MCU. If those three are indeed the founding members of Earth-616’s Illuminati, the trio will have already ticked off critical boxes on the Illuminati’s roster.

Shortly after the death of Iron Man, Black Widow, and Vision, as well as Steve Rogers’ retirement, the Avengers’ future is still unknown. It would sound right for the more seasoned Avengers to rely on a small number of individuals in sensitive situations in that scenario of transition, when many new heroes such as Shang-Chi, Kate Bishop, & Ms. Marvel are arising. After Rogers’ departure, the position of Avengers commander remains vacant, which might make it simpler is for team to splinter into smaller factions.

As a result, the Thunderbolts, Dark Avengers, East Coast Avengers, & Illuminati may all be part of Phase 5 of the MCU. Even though the fast meeting between Wong, Bruce Banner, & Captain Marvel does not lead directly to the founding of Earth-616’s Illuminati, the Shang-Chi mid-credits sequence has at least established the notion of a few superheroes stepping in to help out in vital situations.

Reasons that makes the chance that Illuminati can have a role in MCU :

Does Shang-Chi introduced MCU'S Illuminati?

One of the most common critiques levelled towards Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness would be that the film has had little influence on Doctor Strange’s tale in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While this may take a bit of time for that critique to be proven correct or incorrect, one intriguing outcome of the actions of Doctor Strange 2 in the MCU might be the formation of an Illuminati unit on Earth-616.

The ending of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hints that Scarlet Witch was simply the beginning of the multiverse’s issues, although Strange may not be interested in sharing what he learned throughout his voyage with every Avenger.

The usage of the Darkhold, the activities of previous Doctor Stranges, and the likelihood that MCU Strange created an Incursion all are delicate subjects that the hero may wish to restrict to a limited circle of individuals — starting with Wong.

If that’s the case, Strange and Wong might talk about Bruce Banner and Captain Marvel, thereby transforming the Shang-Chi as well as the Legend of the Ten Rings mid-credits scenario into the genuine founding of the Earth-616 Illuminati.

Conclusion :

What do you thing, Illuminati would have a role in upcoming MCU Films or Series? Lemme know in the comments below.

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