Grant Morrison talks about Scrapped DCEU Screenplay

Grant Morrison talks about Scrapped DCEU Screenplay

Grant Morrison, one of several original screenwriters for The Flash, talks about the DCEU script he wrote with Ezra Miller, which was shelved.

The DCEU’s rendition of The Flash is one of the projects that has taken the longest to come to fruition on screen. Miller was cast in the role in October 2014, with hopes for a single Flash film to be released in 2018.

The Flash, on the other hand, was left in production limbo after replacing its director many times. John Francis Daley, Rick Famuyiwa , Seth Grahame-Smith & Jonathan Goldstein have all come and gone from The Flash picture throughout the years for various reasons.

The same could be said for the film’s screenwriters, since the screenplay for The Flash has been written by a number of different authors. Grant Morrison, a prominent DC Comics writer, was momentarily on board until Birds of Prey’s Christina Hodson finished the final script for the planned 2023 film. Miller collaborated on a draught for The Flash with Morrison in early 2019.

The draught was also an effort at the time to keep Miller as Barry Allen interested in the project. Despite their best efforts, Andy Muschietti & Hodson were hired as the ultimate director and screenwriter for The Flash in May 2019.

Morrison and Miller’s version of Flash script

Despite the fact that Morrison and Miller’s version of Flash script was never utilized, the writer has speculated on how the film may have turned out. Morrison recently spoke with Rolling Stone about working with Miller and the short time frame they were given to start creating their Flash script to pitch to Warner Bros.

Grant Morrison talks about Scrapped DCEU Screenplay
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Morrison, who is well-known for their long comic book resume, discussed working with Miller as well as the brief moment frame this same pair have been given to improve their Flash script to pitch to Warner Bros.

The present version of The Flash is loosely based on the DC narrative Flashpoint, wherein Barry travels across time to avert the death of his mother, Nora Allen. While the DCEU version follows a similar technique, Hodson’s new screenplay looks to be more about the DC universe than the time travel tale, since Barry is accidently transferred to another Earth, as Morrison explains.

Michael Keaton reprises his role as Batman in The Flash, making his first appearance in the character since Batman Returns. Morrison underlines Warner Bros.’ initial wish to incorporate additional DC characters in the movie, so the multiverse element might be a means to integrate Sasha Calle’s Supergirl in to DCEU.

Conclusion :

Morrison & Miller’s The Flash concept has never been fully revealed, despite the fact that they finished a draught. Given Morrison’s extensive career as a comic book writer, it would have been fascinating to see what they drew from for the Scarlet Speedster’s big-screen version.

It wouldn’t be surprising if that script made its place in the public spotlight at some time, as there have been several examples of unused superhero movie scripts being leaked or exposed in some form. Until that day arrives, all we can do is speculate on what Morrison’s final script again For Flash movie might have looked like.

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