Kang Exposes A Secret That Avengers Can Use To Defeat Him !

Kang has exposed a secret that avengers can use to defeat him. Let’s have a look.

Despite being an unrivalled time travel expert, Kang the Conqueror has revealed a significant vulnerability that the Avengers may exploit to take him down. The Reckoning War was a vital event, based on the Time Variance Authority, but Kang’s understanding of it was restricted, demonstrating that the Conqueror isn’t as omniscient as he claims to be.

Kang Exposes A Secret That Avengers Can Use To Defeat Him !
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Dan Slott, who wrote She-Hulk for a while, sowed the seeds for the 15-year-long Marvel storyline known as The Reckoning War. The Reckoning War was one of the most significant and hazardous historical occurrences, according to the Time Variance Authority, a group that keeps watch on realities inside the Multiverse to avoid changes to the timeline.

Even while the Reckoning War events actually fell short of the anticipation, it nevertheless had some significant repercussions, such as exposing that the Watchers had long since locked off 90% of the universe. Kang, who claims to know practically everything about the universe’s history, nonetheless, shown a considerable lack of knowledge regarding the Reckoning War.

In the novel Timeless by Jed Mackay, Kev Walker, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Mark Bagley, and Marte Gracia, Kang kidnaps and takes to his castle an elderly man named Petrov who specialises in supervillains. Petrov questions if the large “chronal disturbance” is indeed the “Great Reckoning” that Kang had previously predicted.

The Conqueror responds that it may indeed be the Judgment Day, a gathering of the Eternals as well as the X-Men. Kang is only vaguely aware of Judgment Day because Marvel’s Reckoning War was merely one specific instance from that day. This error indicates more than simple ignorance; it also points to a flaw in Kang’s most deadly weapon—his knowledge of the timestream.

The Reckoning War was a highly exceptional incident, according to data supplied by Time Variance Authority. Although it is a “constant,” the specifics can vary significantly. While certain specifics (like She-role Hulk’s in the event’s start) are set, others (like the Moon’s devastation) are subject to change.

As seen by Kang’s incorrect understanding of a Reckoning War as involving both the Eternals and the X-Men in this instance, knowing such constants, he is ignorant of the constantly evolving specifics. This exposes a significant flaw in Kang’s control over time that his enemies, including the Avengers, may potentially use against him. Knowing the nexus points of the timestream is necessary for Kang to be able to properly affect history, but this might mean that he is ignoring the minute details that are susceptible to alteration.

Conclusion :-

Despite this weakness, Kang continues to be among the most fearsome foes in the Marvel Multiverse. While he is aware of the broad course of each occurrence, his ignorance of the specifics may deceive him and cause him to take a course of action that has undesirable consequences.

When Kang the Conqueror next stands in the way of the Earth’s World’s strongest Heroes, the Avengers may be able to use this as a crucial tool in their armory to beat him.

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