MCU introduced another Villian recently ! | Another villian created by IronMan

Iron Man appears to inspire both heroes and villains with in Marvel Cinematic Universe, and now Marvel has introduced another villain to the mix.


Ms Marvel Episode 2 Spoilers ahead :
MCU introduced another Villian recently !  | Another villian created by IronMan

Marvel has recently introduced yet another enemy through into Marvel Cinematic Universe that was unintentionally created by Iron Man. Iron Man AKA Tony Stark’s list of villains continues to expand even after his death. This is a pattern which began with Iron Man in 2008 and has driven the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the verge of devastation on multiple times.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, each of Iron Man’s solo efforts has had a one-time nemesis invented by Stark himself. In Iron Man, Iron Monger sought to copy Tony Stark’s arc reactors technology as well as the high-tech suit that it powered. Whiplash designed his own arc reactor in Iron Man 2, which fueled his electrically charged whips & gave him access to Justin Hammer’s drones.

Aldrich Killian appeared in Iron Man 3, a man whose damaged ego (after Stark’s deliberate rejection of this technology idea) prompted him to fabricate a worldwide terror threat and refine ‘Extremis,’ a highly dangerous kind of genetic modification.

Despite the fact that Iron Man conquered each of these foes, their beginnings can be traced all the way back to Tony Stark’s inflated ego at the start of the MCU.

The Department of Damage Control, or DODC, is established in Spider-Man: Homecoming as a clean-up squad assembled by Stark Industries as well as the government to collect alien technology and clean up the wreckage left behind during the Battle of New York.

Since then, as made apparent in Ms. Marvel episode 2, “Crushed,” the Department of Damage Control has possibly become involved in the some nefarious activities, as evidenced by there own intense interrogation of Laurel Marsden’s Zoe as well as the climactic closing scenes wherein the organisation uses what appear to be repurposed Stark drones to track and capture Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan.

MCU introduced another Villian recently !  | Another villian created by IronMan
Disney Plus / Marvel

Though Iron Man’s involvement in the formation of the Department of Damage Control is undoubtedly done with good intentions, it appears that he has accidentally created yet another malevolent institution inside the MCU.

Iron Man also has aided in the creation of two of Spider-foes Man’s in the MCU. He first urged Adrian Toomes AKA as Vulture to start trafficking in illicit alien weaponry and other criminal operations with the support of the Department of Damage Limitation in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

MCU introduced another Villian recently !  | Another villian created by IronMan
Disney Plus / Marvel

Peter Parker’s new tutor Mysterio was shown to have been a previous Stark employee whose B.A.R.F. technology were stolen by the hero and utilised for personal rehabilitation in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Later, Mysterio unleashed Stark’s own drone army against the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, nearly destroying London.

These antagonists pale in contrast to Ultron, the artificial intelligence that is both one of Stark’s greatest successes and one of his worst failures. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark built Ultron to be a harmony intellect, but Ultron instead imagined a future devoid of human existence and dominated by metal replicas of himself.

MCU introduced another Villian recently !  | Another villian created by IronMan
Disney Plus / Marvel

Iron Man destroyed Ultron with the assistance of the Avengers, but Marvel’s Disney+ series What If… depicted the potential disaster. The DODC, on the other hand, might prove to be a greater long-term danger to the MCU, since unlike Ultron, who was beaten in a single film, the Department may be more hard to defeat.

Conclusion :

Iron Man was a fan favorite due to his capacity to battle the demons he created, despite his many faults and originally arrogant nature. The actual aims of the Department of Damage Control inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be revealed in the next few episodes of Ms. Marvel. However, it’s possible that history may repeat itself, and spectators will see the debut of yet another significant villain established by Iron Man.

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