New Midnight Sun team launched is better than old Team ? | Midnight Team Comparision

New Midnight Sun team launched is far better !

Marvel Comics unveils a fresh new Midnight Suns squad, and they’re by far the greatest and most powerful iteration of superhero team yet.

Marvel Comics is set to release a whole new edition of the Midnight Suns, a dark magic team with a lineup that is more exciting than ever. The Midnight Sons, Marvel’s premier black magic squad, were founded to go on Lillith, the Mother of Demons. They’ve become a staple of Marvel Comics history, and many comic fans are hoping they’ll make an appearance in the MCU as well.

A fresh Midnight Suns squad has been introduced by Marvel Comics, with a completely different roster. They’ll be featured in a five-issue series from writer Ethan Sacks & artist Luigi Zagaria, and Marvel hinting that they’ll be up against a “terrifying adversary” with abilities beyond any that Earth has ever seen.

This mysterious antagonist will apparently be linked to a Sorcerer Supreme in the some manner, which strangely doesn’t help solve the mystery. This might be an allusion to Stephen Strange, his wife Clea, or one of the Midnight Suns’ two Sorcerers Supreme.

The Midnight Suns are at their finest in this form. It features some of Marvel’s most strong and promising sorcerers, as well as a slew of other supernatural figures – including, of course, Wolverine. The following is everything you need to understand about roll call.


New Midnight Sun team launched is far better !

Wolverine is the Midnight Suns’ most shocking member, and it’s mysterious why he’s on the squad. Even Wolverine, who considers himself a loner, can’t keep count of how many squads he’s on.

However, as the field captain of X-Force, the Canadian freak is now focused on preserving the mutant country of Krakoa, so it’s tough to imagine the conditions that might bring him to this specific squad. Because of his lengthy existence, the most plausible possibility is that he, also, has a link to the underlying threat – whatever that may be.

Nico Minoru

New Midnight Sun team launched is far better !

Nico Minoru, also known as Sister Grimm, was a member of both the Runaways, an unauthorized gang of kids who rebelled against their parents after discovering they were supervillains. Nico inherited his Staff of Just one, a dark magic item capable of casting any spell once. Nico’s journey as a young superhero has unfortunately been a difficult one, as she had the displeasure of becoming entangled in a Hunger Game rip-off made by Arcade.

Nico tried to live a normal life for a while, but she quickly realised that someone with her abilities could never sit on the sidelines very long. She’s a staff instructor at Strange Academy, Doctor Strange’s version of Hogwarts, where she’s been promoted to Professor of Creative Spell Casting.

Zoe Laveau

New Midnight Sun team launched is far better !

One of Strange Academy’s pupils is also a member of the Midnight Suns. Zoe, the heir of a powerful magical dynasty, battled to manage her magic and, unwisely, sought assistance from an evil magic user named Gaslamp.

Zoe grew hooked to Gaslamp’s magic, which eventually killed her; however, her parents was able to resurrect her, although with a zombie-like curse with necromantic abilities.

Zoe is an intriguing addition to the Midnight Suns, and it’s conceivable that she’s on board because the darkness they’re fighting is linked to her ancestor, Marie Lavreau. Marie, a voodoo expert, utilised her sorcery to prolong her life for an incredibly long time, and she is still alive today.

Kushala :The Demon Rider

New Midnight Sun team launched is far better !

The villain in Marvel’s Midnight Suns series is said to be linked to the Sorcerer Supreme’s past. As a result, Kushala, the Demon Rider, is most likely at the centre of the enigma. Kushala was an Apache lady who lived with in 1800s; her family was slain by the US Army, and she became enslaved to the Spirits of Vengeance, transforming herself into the Ghost Rider of her day.

Kushala was horrified by what she had become and resolved to acquire the secrets of magic in order to break the curse. She rose to become the Sorcerer Supreme of her time, and one of the most renowned sorceresses of all time.

After an experience in which she worked side by side various Sorcerers Supreme throughout history, Kushala travelled to the current day, only to return with her own period and start a new family. After an unpleasant meeting with the time-traveling Doctor Doom, she was recently sent back to the twenty-first century.


New Midnight Sun team launched is far better !

Kushala isn’t the team’s sole strong sorcerer. Magik of the X-Men is the Sorcerer Superior of Limbo, that Hell Dimension where she was abducted as a kid. Magik, the younger sister of the X-Colossus, Men’s was abducted by the Hell Lord Belasco; the X-Men chased her to Limbo, forgetting that time moves at the a different rate within this reality, and by the time they freed her, she had grown into a teenager.

Illyana Rasputin was ultimately de-aged again, but she got the Legacy Virus, a man-made illness that targeted mutants, & died as a result. Belasco’s wicked wizardry restored her, but she ironically usurped his throne becoming the Sorcerer Supreme of this deadly realm.


New Midnight Sun team launched is far better !

Blade is indeed a Dhampir, an half-human, half-vampire hybrid produced after a vampire preyed on his mother as she gave birth. Blade has devoted his life towards hunting vampires, and his existence has been an odd one because he is half-vampire.

Although he is commonly seen as a superhero, Blade considers himself more of a pest control agent, as he works with a broad variety of paranormal pests, not only vampires. Blade has been a member of previous iterations of the Midnight Suns, and his participation here is a clever homage to continuity.

Conclusion :

So, this was all about Marvels New Midnight Suns superhero teams.

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