Stranger Things Season 4 was different from other seasons and Interesting !

Stranger Things Season 4 was different from other seasons and Interesting !


Stranger Things Season 4 Spoiler ahead !

Stranger Things season 4 was able to discreetly reverse an overused horror cliche through the creative characterization of its villain. Stranger Things has become a cultural phenomenon as well as one of Netflix’s biggest successful original programmers.

Stranger Things has leveraged outstanding writing and spectacular imagery to earn immense popularity, drawing evident inspiration from Stephen King’s classic horror novels as well as aesthetic and thematic aspects from horror movies from the 1980s and 1990s.

Vecna, an uniquely humanoid enemy with abilities that transcend beyond worlds to curse and murder the adolescents of Hawkins, is the villain from Stranger Things season 4.

Stranger Things’ usage of Vecna as the season 4 enemy is a departure from prior adversaries, who were much more eldritch Upside Down monsters. In Stranger Things Season 4, Vecna is revealed to be Henry Creel, a human having skills similar to Eleven’s who utilises them (along with an Upside Down-inspired power increase) to murder innocent teenagers.

Vecna : The Human Villain

Vecna’s transformation into a human villain is a brilliant twist on a horror cliche popularized by the films that influenced Stranger Things. Stranger Things’ usage of a human villain who looks to be a monster is indeed a subtle inversion of a depiction of some of the 1980s’ top horror villains.

Many of the most famous horror villains look to be human but are distinguished by their otherworldly otherness, but as Stranger Things season 4 reveals, Vecna is the polar opposite.

For its scarier components, most horror films emphasise on their antagonists’ supernatural nature, generally by making them difficult to kill. As a result, the villains appear to be far less human than they look, effectively transforming into supernatural entities in (more or less) human.

Stranger Things’ disclosure of Henry Creel being Vecna at the conclusion of season 4, volume 1 does the reverse, as the villain is established as a supernatural menace before being shown to be human in origin. This subverts the cliché by making the odds appear insurmountable at first, only to reveal later that Vecna may be more weak than he appears.

Conclusion :

Stranger Things season 4 corrects a flaw from prior seasons while also distinguishing the programme from its horror film roots. Stranger Things is able to maintain its freshness and innovation in terms of its tale and villain by quietly reversing the notions of the films that inspired its ambiance. Stranger Things has a creative way of improving on the old clichés of both the horror movies it depends on by making Vecna actually more human then he appears to be.

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