Theory of Deadpool 3 revealed a secret Mutant !

Many speculations have surfaced regarding what the Merc with a Mouth’s next film may be about and who will join him when he finally joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe with in eagerly awaited Deadpool 3. One claims that Deadpool 3 will disclose a hidden mutant character who appeared in Deadpool 2. One of the most well-known Marvel Comics characters, Deadpool received a second shot in his first solo film following a dismal grand entrance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Deadpool, who explored the backstory of the main character and was faithful to his distinctive sense of comedy, was made possible by the history resetting in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool in this film. Due to the critical and commercial success of Deadpool, a sequel, simply named Deadpool 2, was produced.

Deadpool grudgingly decides to join the X-Men in it after killing his lover Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), and alongside Negasonic Teen Warhead and Colossus, he battles a teenage mutant nicknamed Russell (Julian Dennison). Deadpool chooses to defend the young man after learning that Russell is the objective of Cable (Josh Brolin), a synthetic soldier who goes back in time to assassinate Russell.

Deadpool puts together a group of odd but intriguing individuals dubbed X-Force to aid Russell and free him from prison: Bedlam (Terry Crews), Zeitgeist (Bill Skarsgrd), Domino (Zazie Beetz), Shatterstar (Lewis Tan), & Peter (Rob Delaney), Vanisher (Brad Pitt). With the exception of Peter, who was just a regular person with the unique characteristic of having diabetes types 1 and 2, all of them possessed at least one superpower.

Peter was notably beloved by Deadpool, who referred to him as “Sugar Bear” and supported him after the other members of the team—aside from Domino, who was fortunate—died after plunging from the helicopter.While Peter was able to land safely, Zeitgeist crashed into a wood chipper. When Peter attempted to save Zeitgeist, Zeitgeist accidently threw up on him, killing him.

The fact that Deadpool travelled back in time in the post-credits scene of Deadpool 2 and saved Peter makes it conceivable for him to return, and a hypothesis indicates he will since he could actually become the mutated Peter Wisdom.

Peter Wisdom in Marvel Comics :

Theory of Deadpool 3 revealed a secret Mutant

British Secret Service agent Peter Wisdom makes his Marvel Comics début in 1995’s Excalibur vol. 1 #86. Peter Wisdom is indeed a mutant with the ability to absorb heat and sun radiation, which he then projects as semi-solid energy beams that he calls “hot knives” from his fingers.

He can utilise them to create shields, destroy approaching missiles, launch it as projectiles, or keep them hooked to his fingertips like claws. These are pure thermal energy that is reported to become as hot as that of the surface of the sun. Peter is also extremely brilliant, highly competent in espionage and intelligence collection, as well as in the use of weaponry.

At some time in the comic book career, Peter requested assistance from X-Force in order to rescue a robotic brain form Genosha and battle Magneto. Subsequently, he was viewed as the team’s new leader, instructing the other members and demonstrating better ways to employ their mutant abilities. After being purportedly slain, Peter reportedly went back to his job with British Intelligence.

Deadpool 2’s Peter is a Mutant ?

Theory of Deadpool 3 revealed a secret Mutant

One of the teasers for Deadpool 2 showed Deadpool putting together the X-Force squad, which sparked rumours that Peter was Peter Wisdom. Peter’s extremely professional photo, in which he’s wearing a suit as well as a black tie, further contributed to the idea that he may be this unusual mutant.

Given that Wisdom is a covert agent and Peter may have been acting helpless, the notion that “Sugar Bear” is actually Peter Wisdom only increased, even if Deadpool 2 startled the audience to make Peter a normal person (who didn’t truly appear like he looked in his photo). In Deadpool 3, Peter may make the big reveal that he is truly a mutant and therefore legitimately link up with Deadpool as he is still alive as a result of Deadpool travelling back through time to save him.

Conclusion :-

But the fact that Peter was a regular man with a few health challenges and was eager for a new adventure is what made him so unique and appreciated by both fans and Deadpool. The fact that Peter was essentially worthless on the X-Force squad added some humorous variety to a group that already included mutants with unusual abilities and an invisible member.

Although it would be a pleasant surprise and give Peter more of a role in Deadpool’s subsequent adventure, Peter’s identity as Peter Wisdom throughout Deadpool 3 might also undermine what made “Sugar Bear” in Deadpool 2 so unique.

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