Two actors were killed and six others were injured in a car accident on the set of a new Netflix show !

Two actors were killed and six others were injured in a car accident on the set of a new Netflix show !

On the location of The Chosen One, a vehicle collided and rolled on the a road in Mexico, killing two actors and injuring six staff members.

Two actors were killed and six members of the crew were injured in a vehicle accident in Mexico while filming the forthcoming Netflix drama The Chosen One. The Selected One series is distinct from the platform’s earlier project of same name, a Portuguese show that followed physicians who discovered a cult in a secluded region.

Instead, the new The Chosen One features a 12-year-old child who realises he is the reborn Jesus Christ. It is based on Mark Millar and Peter Millar’s 2004 comic book series American Jesus.

Because Netflix films are kept under wraps, there isn’t much information on The Chosen One accessible yet. This covers whether the production was indeed a Spanish-language series or perhaps an English-language series that filmed in Mexico for a period of time. The set of A Chosen One was managed by an unidentified independent production firm.

According to Deadline, a vehicle containing members of The Chosen One’s actors and crew collided and flipped while travelling on a barren road just on Baja California Sur peninsula. Two actors were murdered, while six other crew members was injured.

Even though the deceased cast and crew have still not been formally identified, HuffPost reports that they are Mexican actors Raymundo Garduo Cruz & Juan Francisco González Aguilar, who performed as Paco Mufote in productions such as Netflix’s Selena: The Series. There is yet no information just on identities or conditions of the six injured crew members.

The event appears to just be unrelated to The Chosen One’s real filming or stunt work. It might have happened when the actors and staff were being transferred to or from the shoot.

Because of Netflix’s predilection for secrecy, it is ultimately unknown who were involved in the catastrophe. The streamer has still yet to respond to the incident.

While on-set incidents may occur on occasion, there has recently been a growing clamour for stricter safety standards on sets.

Following many high-profile events, including as the murder of a stunt guy while filming Deadpool 2 and the unintentional killing of Rusty cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, setting safety has become an increasingly contentious topic.

Conclusion :

While the circumstances of this occurrence just on set of Both the Chosen One are being examined, structures should be put in place to assist avoid such incidents in the future.

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