Writers of Stranger Things refute allegations of episode editing

Claims that such an earlier episode of the programme was modified are refuted by the Stranger Things authors.

The horror/fantasy series by the Duffer Brothers, which debuted to Netflix in 2016, has subsequently grown into one of the most watched programmes worldwide. A group of teens in the 1980s discover a portal leading to another dimension and the horrific monsters who reside there in the television series Stranger Things. The formal conclusion of Stranger Things’ fourth season served as the foundation for the show’s massive final and fifth season.

The Duffer Brothers indicated they might be willing to go back and re-editing earlier seasons in response to some astute fans noting that out Will’s (Noah Schnapp) birthdate appears to have been overlooked in a Stranger Things fourth season episode.

Writers of Stranger Things refute allegations of episode editing
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Although it was unsure how seriously the show’s makers took their wish to change some parts of past seasons, a recent report appeared to reveal that the editing process had already begun.This week, this was reported widely that Jonathan was spotted taking pictures of Nancy while she undressed in a Stranger Things S 1 episode.

The official Stranger Things writers account, Stranger Writers, has responded to the accusations by stating categorically that no prior seasons have ever been edited and never will be. The account also states that, no, the Jonathan scene was never changed or erased in response toward a fan’s reaction to the initial tweet inquiring about the scene that’s been widely believed to have been deleted. Look at the two tweets below:

The latest tweet from of the show’s creators not only clarifies that rumours about edits to earlier seasons of the show seem to be untrue, but it also appears to show that Duffer Brothers either changed their minds about wanting to go back as well as edit earlier seasons of Stranger Things or that they never serious when it came to first place.

Fans of the programme, many of who didn’t like the concept that the show may be modified in retroactive fashion, are sure to be pleased with the news that Stranger Things would remain intact across all of its seasons. But it also guarantees that Will’s bday would remain a narrative gap in Season 4 of Stranger Things.

Contrary to physical media, which can never be changed after it has been purchased, streamers have the ability to alter and change any original content that is currently present on the platform. Disney+ later acknowledged that the censorship of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was an error, and it was quickly undone, contrary to reports that the streaming service had been acting similarly some months before. Even though the Duffer Brothers personally have not yet addressed the issue, it appears that Stranger Things will keep exactly how it was when it originally debuted.

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